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We are always on the lookout for new talents to join us so keep an eye out for our job posts that interest you and leap at the opportunity! Join our #TeamGrodt


Recruitment & Onboarding

What are we looking for? Motivation & willingness to learn/grow with us. Learn more about our recruitment process so you come ready to land the job you want!

Company Culture

We value each and every employee and we believe in growing together, each one of us comes from different backgrounds, different experiences and different cultures; and that’s what makes us stronger,

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Become part of the team

By joining Grodt Group, you become literally a part of Team Grodt; with us, you are not a number. We hired you for who you are, your skills but also your personality. We believe that everyone joining us makes us stronger with new strengths, new skills and new perspectives to grow as a team. Everyone has something to bring to the table! The team is young, dynamic & the bond we create makes us overcome any challenges thrown our way!


Security & Comfort

Speaking about comfort, our brand-new office in Malta - 300 days of sun a year - is ideally located in a central location, meters away from the Mediterranean Sea. Fancy a quick swim at lunch break? You can! We also include private health insurance in our package, taxis when you finish late at night to make sure you go home safe, healthy breakfast options, many company events & we keep adding to the list on a regular basis!  

Grow with us

We are strong believers in growing our people internally. Of course, it is beneficial and even essential in some cases to bring new people in with new fresh ideas, a new set of minds and a new vision… but we always consider our own people first for any open position. You have been selected for your talent, and if your skills match the position opened, you will get a shot at it; no matter how junior or new you are at Grodt Group. Being a part of #TeamGrodt means growing with it too - the bigger we get, the faster you grow. Simple.

When applying for a new job in a company you do not know, it’s always better to inform yourself where you step 1 and what to expect from the process. It removes a part of the stress of the unknown and helps recruiters see your best side immediately!  
You have just seen the perfect job position on our website/social media, and you are confident you are the best person for it: Apply! Your CV will be reviewed by our HR Department first and if you have passed the first filtering, it will be forwarded to the Head/Manager of the team recruiting within 48 hours. We will be contacting you within 2 weeks from your application - time for the manager to review every applicant and make his/her/their selection for interviews.  
Time for your interview
It’s now time for you to meet us! Our interview process can vary depending on the department and/or position you are applying for, but overall, it should look like this: - You will be contacted by our HR Department to set a day and time for your interview - The day has come, you will be meeting your potential future Head/Manager, our HR Officer and, in some cases, the Operation Manager as well - Some job positions will require you to do some tests, generally, it will be the last step of your interview at the office. If your interview is done remotely, you will be receiving it by email with a deadline - Take the time of the interview to ask all your questions, it’s important for you to know if you really want the job and for us to get to know better based on the questions you are asking and the answers you are giving - For some positions, you might also be asked for some references. We understand that you might not have informed your current employer yet so we will always ask you to provider former managers that can be contacted at that time - Finally, at the end of the interview process, the manager will give you an estimated date when they should contact you back with a final answer!  
You got the job!
Once selected for the job, you will be receiving an official offer by email! Take your time to read through it and ask the remaining questions that you might have. Once you confirm that you are accepting our offer and the job position, our HR Department will contact you back asking for your basic information to start preparing your contract - which you will sign on your first day at the office. You will also be asked to provide any certificates you might have (RG, AML…etc.) as well as a police conduct report. Now, get ready for your first day!  
Be successful on Introduction Day!
Tip 1: Prepare an elevator pitch; just like any other office in Malta, our elevator is slow-ish, you might meet people in it, and you do not want to start your day with an awkward silence Tip 2: Show up early to prevent any delay due to traffic, or to have a bit of time to find the office and get familiar with the surroundings, but come in on time! Tip 3: Relax. Your first day will be mainly meeting some people, signing some papers, and figuring out how the coffee machine is working. Nobody expects you to do a PowerPoint presentation or solve a massive business bottleneck right away. Tip 4: Smile! Don’t be shy, people will smile back; we can promise you. The more faces you manage to remember, the easier the following days will be. Focus on the people on the same floor as you, and your own team of course. Tip 5: Be yourself, don’t try too hard Tip 6: Leave the office at the end of your first day with a positive attitude!