Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Grodt Group Privacy Policy. Last edited and publicized: 2020.11.25

This Privacy Policy explains how information, data and personal data is collected, stored and processed by us and in which way we protect and take care of security regarding your personal data to comply with current data protection laws and personal data laws.

Grodt LTD carries the main responsibility for storing of personal data, this Privacy Policy states Grodt LTD’s responsibilities for this purpose. Grodt LTD is registered at 56 Tower Road Level 5, Office 4 Sliema Malta SLM 1606.

Although we have the main responsibility, your data may also be stored in databases available to other companies. In each such case, they comply with the regulations set forth herein.

We ask you to carefully read the text that follows to understand what information is stored, how we collect it, what we use it for and how we protect it.

By visiting and using our page(s), you accept and agree to our terms and conditions stated in this Privacy Policy.

We only process the information you have approved and submitted to us or which is necessary to support the legal rights we have in such a way that do not violate or infringe upon other laws.

We only retain your information for as long as necessary to deliver the required services that you use and to comply with legal and statutory requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to contact us, you can do so by contact form on our website or by emailing the contact details mentioned under “Contact”.

1. What data do we collect?

Information you provide to us
• If you fill out contact form, the information you enter here, such as your name, phone number and email address, is saved
• If you submit a resume or other personal documents through any of our pages. This will save information such as your name, date of birth, gender, occupation, email address, phone number, photo, personal letter, employment history or other relevant information as shown in your resume

Information we collect
• Technical information about your IP address and website usage
• Information about your web browsing behaviour, device information, browser type, and website usage

Information from third parties
• We may use third party information to enhance and personalize your experience on our pages.

2. What is our Cookies Policy?

We use Cookies
• We use Cookies to discern you from other users and visitors of our websites. This helps us improve your experience on the page / pages and to provide you with the best possible user experience.
• You can choose not to allow cookies to be stored, but it may mean that our websites do not work and display as intended and you might not be able to use some features. It can also cause the site in question to go slower than usual and lead to difficulties navigating the page.
• To disable the use of cookies, go to the settings of your browser.

What are Cookies
• Cookies are a small piece of information stored in your browser when you visit a website

Why do we use Cookies
• We use cookies to identify which language you use, so the language is automatically set to your preference when you visit our page.
• For the functionality of our site(s) to be as good as possible and for improvements to be made
• To save some settings you made yourself on our website(s)
• For example, to analyse how often you visit us, what settings you make on our pages, what preferences you have, and for use in reports about our pages.
• Occasionally, third party cookies may occur. These cookies are used in e.g. web analytics tools, ads, integration of content from different social networks, and measurement of the page’s reach.

Different storage times for different types of Cookies
• Some cookies are stored just during the time you visit our site to display current information, so-called session cookies. These will disappear while you leave the website.
• Some cookies are called flow cookies. They give us no information about you, but all we get is a flow number. These cookies are used only as you navigate around on any of our websites and disappear while you stop navigating around the site(s).
• Some cookies are stored for a long time. This allows our website to recognize you if you visit the page again after a long time. You can, for example, See this when you log in to a website that you have not visited for a long time and the website will remember your login information.

3. What do we use your personal information for?

• To send out advertising and marketing about us and about our products and services
• To improve our pages and provide you with as good and personalized experience as possible
• In order to deliver the best possible information to you based on your preferences and interests
• To improve offers and ads aimed at you
• To make your user experience of our page(s) to be the best possible and to provide services such as chat, review and commentary opportunities for you
• In order for us to comply with statutory requirements or exercise legal rights

4. Who else has access to your personal information?

• The parties who have access to your information may be in order to meet the legal and legal requirements stated above.
• Other parties that have access to data are those we use to improve our pages, provide you with our services and products or help us analyse and work with our sites as well as posting our marketing and advertising
• If we were to sell, transfer or reorganize our operations, in some cases parts of your personal data may also be transferred
• In each such case, the parties concerned comply with the regulations set forth herein.

5. How do we protect your personal information?

• We undertake to protect the information we have about you and take all reasonable steps to ensure that all information gathered through our websites is processed safely and in accordance with this policy as well as applicable laws.
• We are dedicated to fraud prevention, and with this we have advanced systems and technologies for detecting and preventing dangerous activity and unauthorized access to personal data.

6. What are your rights?

• You are entitled at any time to request all information we have about you
• You are entitled to request information about you be deleted at any time
• You can notice us and change information about you that is incorrect
• You can ask to know if we process data about you and in that case even more who have access to the data
• You may request that we limit the use of your information
• You may object to this Privacy Policy and contact us on the matter
• You have the right to lodge a complaint with us via contact form or mail

7. What can change and how?

• This Privacy Policy may be amended and updated from time to time due to changes in how we work or changes in laws and legal regulations.
• The date of last updated Privacy Policy is always displayed here.
• If something changes you will always be informed via mail, letter, pop-up window or note
• If you do not approve or if you wish to change our access or our use of information in any way, you may contact us at any time.

Complaints, request for change in our management of your personal information or request for information, deletion of data or other questions can be mailed to: [email protected]